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Spent the holiday in Michigan-land with the fam. I got to see my folks, hang out with my niece (note: "The Dangerous Live of Altar Boys" looked like it was going to be a funny movie about a one-legged nun. It is actually quite sad. Just so you know), and attend a fancy cook-out at my brother's house/pool compound in scenic Pontiac. Also got to have brunch with my pals David and Nadine and young Andre at a little place in the Eastern Market (where we saw an Actual Rock Star waiting in line for a table).

I came back a day earlier than planned not because I wasn't having fun, but, well, you know how traffic is in Chicago after a holiday weekend.

But coming back a day early from my Michigan adventure meant that Jim and I got to see one of the Billy Wilder flicks at the Music Box this morning. And it was good. Walking to the theatre and back seemed like a pleasant way to get some exercise, but the wet-hot Chicago summer day left me tragically bemigrained when we got home. Feh. Summer sucks.

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Some like it hot, but it's cooler near the lake.

jima @ 07/08/2002 09:13 AM CST

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