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Should you be a vegetarian?, asks Time Magazine this week. In a tone vacillating between confusion and contempt, the author (Richard Corliss) tries desperately to debunk the idea that vegetarian diets are healthy, engages in senseless tofu-bashing, and even asserts that vegetarian diets might be bad for both people and the planet. (If you really cared about animals, you wouldn't eat vegetables. Or something.)

Corliss seems astounded and a little insulted that people could eat well without meat, and interviewed mostly extremists and oddballs (a chainsmoking bullimic, a raw-foodist, an 8-yr-old, PETA) to set them up for easy ridicule.

Sample text: "Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who swore off steak for breakfast...insists he feels much better starting his day with miso soup, brown rice or oat groats." (Subtext: Weirdo!) He also accuses Vegetarian Times of "dogma" when they state that chicken and fish are not vegetables. I guess one person's dogma is another's basic biology.

He calls vegetarians "meatophobes" and propagates the childish notion that something can't be tasty if it's good for you. The whole article has a distinct intolerance that baffles me. Corliss seems to believe that vegetarians diets are part of some new insidious movement that's out to get our children. Vegetarians, you see, are just a cult of weak-boned mulch-munchers with wacky and dangerous ideas. Don't look directly at them, or they'll steal your soul.

Sure, there are plenty of unhealthy vegetarians. Yes, pregnant women and athletes and seniors need special nutrients. This is true of meat eaters too, no? Most people don't know shit about nutrition. Our whole country is overfed and undernourished. Mocking vegetarians is probably not the best way to fix that.

Mocking bridesmaid dresses, on the other hand, is good for whatever ails you.

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Nice Dead Milkmen reference.

drench @ 07/10/2002 12:59 PM CST

ok, wait, let me wipe the tears from my eyes, I can't stop laughing...
I'm ok, deep breath....ok...ok...ok
so chicken are vegetables? is that like the ketchup scam they tried to pull on grade school kids years ago?
And what is this guy doing writing a story on health and vegetarianism anyway? He's a bloody film critic! (as if there is a lower form of life, ok, maybe used car salesmen and the manager of the Write(sp??)Hotel)

the other amy @ 07/10/2002 05:16 PM CST

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