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"The president deals with the cards that were dealt him."

Except that he was dealt one hell of a hand -- a multibillion-dollar budget surplus, a strong economy and (for the most part) peace. It seems, to continue Mr. Fleischer's metaphor, that Dubya has tossed in his aces in favor of the deuces tucked in his sleeve. And he's upping the ante with our collective future and, uh, tossing our planet into the kitty. And smoking big cigars and twisting his pinky ring and basically just being a big bastard because he can, because he can lose this game without it making a dent in his own bank account because he won't lose his ranch or his solid-gold cattle or whatever, and everyone at the table has a gun but it's loaded with blanks and they're too scared to shoot anyway because it might make their poll numbers drop and basically we are just doomed, doomed, doomed.

Maybe one of these guys can save us.

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Maybe he should give another speech!

jima @ 07/12/2002 03:44 PM CST

At work we (i.e. me and a few of my fellow co-workers) used to argue about who a particular IT guy resembled more. Some took the He-Looks-Like-George-Lucas side, while others took the He-Looks-Like-Michael-McDonald side.
After we learned of the above site (via memepool), we could all agree that he looked like Kenny Rogers.

I still think the Michael McDonald resemblance lended itself to better in-jokes, like if you've got a problem with your PC, "Yah Mo Be There!", etc. What a bunch of crazy cut-ups we were at that company that no longer exists.

drench @ 07/12/2002 08:19 PM CST

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