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Jesus would not own a Rottweiler. So don't get him one. I know you saw those cute puppies at the shelter and all, but really, don't. Apparently Rotts are just too darned loyal, and besides that, the landlord won't let him have such a big dog. Maybe you could get him a Pekingese or a Yorkie or something. But, you know, he travels a lot and works long hours, so maybe just don't get him a dog. They need a lot of attention and regular walkies, and that just doesn't fit the nomadic prophet lifestyle (though maybe if you got him a poodle...). He doesn't strike me as a cat person -- not enough unconditional love from cats. How about a bird? Birds are nice. He could teach it to say "pretty boy."

Link via Jesus Museum

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"Getting all up in your dog's business since the year 0."

elavil @ 07/14/2002 09:20 PM CST

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