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About fucking time!!!

Oh, my. I can't wait! I think I've seen "A Hard Day's Night" about 75 times. I watched it every day after school for about a month when I first got the video in 1985. I was amazed how thrilling it still was to me when I saw it on the big screen again a couple years ago.

When the DVD comes out, who wants to come over and watch it with me, while I mutter along with every single line of dialogue? Because I can, you know. Don't get me started.

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Who's that little old man?

jima @ 07/16/2002 08:46 AM CST

He's very clean.

Phineas @ 07/16/2002 11:23 AM CST

Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt...Zap!

jima @ 07/16/2002 11:29 AM CST

I say, did you go to Harrod's? I was there in '58, you know.

amyc @ 07/16/2002 11:58 AM CST

Whoops, we got you started, didn't we? Oh well.

He's reading the Queen! That's an inside joke, you know.

jima @ 07/16/2002 12:04 PM CST

It was Paul that said that, right? Haven't seen it in years, but probably will in November.

Lynn @ 07/16/2002 07:43 PM CST

Yes, perhaps we'll have a big Beatles DVD party in November. You should also watch the Rutles DVD, if you haven't seen that one yet...

jima @ 07/16/2002 08:24 PM CST

I'll be bringing "An Affair to Remember" in November so Amy and I each have a movie to watch that we both know all the words to. Maybe Mr. Jimmie can make some of his cookies (enought for 2 movies).


Lynn @ 07/16/2002 09:11 PM CST

Yes. We'll leave the cookie-baking to him. Because you don't want to see the kinds of movies he knows all the words to!

amyc @ 07/17/2002 06:09 AM CST

I now declare this

Natasha @ 10/08/2004 10:13 PM CST

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