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At last, after months of grueling animation, the first Legnog-RubberNun coproduction has come to fruition.

Without further ado, I give you Sister vs. Mecha-Sister! (Flash movie, 1.2 mb -- if you still have a dial-up, I'm very sorry for you.)

Mr. Jimmie is Flash-man extraordinaire!

Replies: 12 Confessions

holy flaming sisters!
this is the coolest.
my hats off to the both of you.

amy @ 07/23/2002 04:17 AM CST

y'all got the holy funk goin' on! I doff my habit to the brilliant genius that is Amy & Mrs. Jimmy

annie @ 07/23/2002 08:21 AM CST

Interestingly, when I tried to run this on my Win98 computer, it broke. Now I am off to the Gateway store, and not thinking kindly about Sister at all.

elavil @ 07/23/2002 08:47 AM CST

Nice bionic man soudbyte addition! That summed up what I saw when Sister Natalie (4th grade, math teacher) came at me after I made a penguin comment once...

btezra @ 07/23/2002 01:25 PM CST

We're all going to hell, aren't we?

michele @ 07/24/2002 05:37 AM CST

Yes. That a problem?

amyc @ 07/24/2002 08:20 AM CST

Not at all. I've already reserved us a suite.

michele @ 07/24/2002 11:23 AM CST

Wow now that's some funny stuff!

Nailhead @ 07/24/2002 05:28 PM CST

Why is this not being shown at Siggraph?!?

Jessica @ 07/25/2002 04:58 PM CST

I don't know. What is it?

amyc @ 07/25/2002 05:32 PM CST

This is SIGGRAPH. Oddly enough, I used to be subsribed to that SIG, back when I was in the ACM.

jima @ 07/25/2002 09:09 PM CST

Oh, that SIGGRAPH! I thought you meant the other one.

amyc @ 07/26/2002 05:47 AM CST

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