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Mr. Jimmie made me some RubberNun desktop patterns! Won't you?

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Those are some great photos! I am pretty sure I recognize one from Toys In Babeland, and I bet another one is from that other retail shop in Seattle, where you found all those other sistahs. Right? Right?!

Charlie @ 07/29/2002 10:59 AM CST

Toys in Babeland is correct, but the devil photo is from Sister's visit to the outsider art show.

amyc @ 07/29/2002 12:20 PM CST

I should also point out that there's a new button graphic on the homepage, for those who want a nice little graphic to use to link to this site. Just go to the homepage, scroll down, and look at the bottom of the lefthand navigation thingamajig.

jima @ 07/30/2002 12:54 PM CST

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