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Audience participation time: Who are you, and what brings you to my little website?

Replies: 21 Confessions

I am a 38 year old man. I live in my mother's basement with my 16 cats. I came looking for nun porn. I'll try not to make a habit of it.

Thank you. Bless you.

michele @ 07/29/2002 09:32 PM CST

Everybody comes here looking for nun porn (you should see the weird shit in my search logs!). Alas, this is all I have to offer them.

amyc @ 07/30/2002 05:50 AM CST

While in the midst of running a Google search on Cameron Diaz a lightning bolt struck my modem-- now Rubbernun is the only webpage my browser will open.

matthew @ 07/30/2002 08:41 AM CST

That's not all the nun porn you've got! There's this and also this. This place is crawling with obscene nunnery! Yay!

And Lord knows that's the only reason I keep coming back.

Phineas @ 07/30/2002 09:02 AM CST

I come here looking for Vagabond Shoes.

jima @ 07/30/2002 09:36 AM CST

I come here looking for a validation and a little love. People tell me I'm looking in all the wrong places, but if I go back to Texas then all my Exes will get a piece of me.

Charlie @ 07/30/2002 10:04 AM CST

I come here looking for my car keys. Have you seen them?

Oh, wait. Here they are!

jhames @ 07/30/2002 11:20 AM CST

I'm doing research. It's for science.

elavil @ 07/30/2002 11:32 AM CST

Dude, I came with that guy over there. He said there would be pigs in blankets and beer.

Shylo @ 07/30/2002 11:45 AM CST

Came seeking refuge from the rampant profanity on this "God-less" Internet. Found this instead.

Amen, sister!

phern @ 07/30/2002 11:52 AM CST

I came via link courtesy of

bink @ 07/30/2002 12:06 PM CST

I ca(o)me here because I am your niece and you are spiffy!

Jobeth @ 07/30/2002 04:27 PM CST

We met once You woke me up.

Allen G. @ 07/30/2002 07:57 PM CST

two words
'papal bowling'
oh, and the fact that we are related

the other amy @ 07/31/2002 04:03 PM CST

Baby, I'm here 'cause I'm drinking my afternoon tea. What good is a cuppa without some rubbernun on the side?

Jessica @ 08/01/2002 07:12 PM CST

Lol. Nun porn? *cracks up* Its just so funny!

Rebecca @ 09/11/2002 02:28 AM CST

Lol. Nun porn? *cracks up* Its just so funny! Hahahaha! I don't know why, but hey, I just have to laugh. I guess because its so ridiculous!

Rebecca @ 09/11/2002 02:28 AM CST

Hmmm... I'm dissapointed. I came her to hopefully see nuns analy penetrating each other with huge dildos and its just a msg board (bored) cool name tho.. if anyone here has REAL nun porn pleez sent it my way.

nun fondling necrophile @ 09/26/2002 10:38 PM CST

bizzare site,yet quite humorous. By the the Icame in looking for arubber chew toy for my dog. Go figure

dacook @ 05/05/2003 07:47 PM CST

I didn't come here looking for religious pornography and I am certainly not in the nude. Good day.

Meengwez @ 01/07/2006 05:04 PM CST

ive got a masive erection

miles @ 03/11/2006 07:16 PM CST

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