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I've added some new links to the shiny little sidebar of linkage -- S.P.O.R.K. (or Secret Protection of Revolutionary Knowledge), and Holy Fucking Shit Day. Anytime you need to clear your head of war propaganda, check 'em out.

Also you should probably read This Modern World on a regular basis, if your heart can stand it. Good ol' Tom Tomorrow offers some fascinating insights into politics and a certain undeclared war, plus he's got cartoons! Oh, and Tapped is great, too. And Joe Conason's blog at Salon.

So, click away! I promise I won't rat you out to TIPS!

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Yes, I like Joe Conason's blog. The others I haven't seen much. My mom really digs for their liberal editorials, too.

Charlie @ 07/31/2002 11:13 AM CST

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