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I work in a cluster of buildings along Lake Michigan that also houses the local Fox TV affiliate, and every morning since the weather warmed up, the Fox morning show has been filming little outdoor segments in the courtyard on Michigan Ave. Every morning on my way into the office, I pass their anchorpeople or feature reporters or sports guy, surrounded by lights and cameras and sloppily dressed PAs holding coffee cups and clipboards. Occasionally, they hold interviews in the courtyard, talking to local musicians or sports stars or, distressingly, fully costumed Renaissance Faire aficionados shouting their "prithees" and their "hey, nonny nonnys" and pretending they've never seen such a magical apparatus as a, what do you call it?, a mic-ro-phone? I usually try to walk past without stopping.

But this morning! This morning, guess who was there! No, it was They Might Be Giants! The Johns, with guitar and accordion, performing (because it was, of course, the Fox morning show) that Malcolm in the Middle theme song, just a few feet away from me on my morning commute! And even though I've seen them in concert, up close they looked...little. They are tiny little men. And John Linnell's short, floppy hair and blocky black eyeglass frames made him look alarmingly like a brunet Andy Dick. So I watched for a little while and went to work all smiley for a change.

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Oh yeah, TMBG show tonight at Navy Pier. Be there or be not.

jima @ 08/02/2002 08:50 AM CST

But...we're not going to be there.

amyc @ 08/02/2002 10:55 AM CST

So I guess we'll be not.

jima @ 08/02/2002 10:57 AM CST

What a great way to end the week! MY Friday morning started with recovering from a power outage in Downers Grove that occured last night. So my cell phone goes off at 5:30am because Ding Dong needs help finding the 'ON' button on my server in DG.

Sorry, a little off the TMBG subject. But it was important to get that off my chest.

Did you hear TMBG on this week's "This American Life"? I caught one little snippet from them.

Charlie @ 08/02/2002 11:32 AM CST

mybe you should have put some pictures on this thing

lance @ 03/20/2003 10:42 AM CST

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