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Jim's off to the movies and I have the house to myself and the whole day free to do whatever I want! Except...I can't think of anything to do.

I hate that.

I have several projects I've been saving for just such an afternoon, but all of them are missing some essential element for completion that would require me to leave the house, braving the Cubs-related traffic snares or the CTA Sunday schedule or the neighborhood street fair that's running this weekend and sending scores of drunken undergrads to empty their bladders in the alley next to the house, and frankly, I'd just rather not deal with that in this heat.

So, I'll just stay in and curl up with a good book. I guess there are worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, but I still feel like I'm wasting an opportunity.

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You could go to the movies, too. If you went to see Signs, we could have a conversation about whether or not things happen for a reason, and whether or not you can tell. And also about asthma on film, and water.

elavil @ 08/04/2002 09:07 PM CST

Nah, I have an allergic reaction to Mel Gibson. I just hate him, for some reason. Can't watch him in anything. You could talk to Phineas and Shylo about it, though -- they saw it.

But I did like Lovely & Amazing, and wouldn't mind seeing that again. Maybe next Sunday.

amyc @ 08/05/2002 05:44 AM CST

That's too bad about Mel Gibson. Must be one of those new long-chain iso-peptides.

elavil @ 08/05/2002 08:30 AM CST

What's the book?

Charlie @ 08/05/2002 10:13 AM CST

It's 1984, actually. I'm rereading it because, hey, it sure is relevant. I'm thinking of posting an "Orwell Quote of the Day" every day this week.

amyc @ 08/05/2002 11:30 AM CST

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