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Mice Produce Pig and Goat Sperm in Experiment. "Dobrinski's team believes the method could one day allow men to create an unlimited future supply of their sperm that would survive if they lose their testicles in cancer treatment -- or even if they die."

Because that's what the world needs -- more ways to make people.

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Or more ways to make sperm even. Not to mention more ways to make testicles.

elavil @ 08/15/2002 01:10 PM CST

I personally see nothing wrong with having a contingency plan in case I lose my man-beads or develop an urge to procreate from beyond the grave ;)

Does this mean they'll be moving the glue traps near the contraceptive aides? Or the other way around?

phern @ 08/15/2002 03:55 PM CST

I personally can't wait for the coming race of goat-babies!

amyc @ 08/15/2002 08:01 PM CST

Me, I'm envisioning a team of scientists standign around a bunch of mice, tapping their feets, going "ok, what have you got in there? spit it out... "

producing pig and goat semen.

Jessica @ 08/18/2002 06:27 PM CST

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