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Today's Chicago Tribune front-page headline: Two Million Embrace Pope.

Replies: 6 Confessions

I wonder how many he fondled?

michele @ 08/19/2002 08:05 PM CST


the other amy @ 08/20/2002 02:58 AM CST

Bad papal touch!

jima @ 08/20/2002 10:18 AM CST

I sure bet he had to wash after that!

Shylo! @ 08/20/2002 10:00 PM CST

Wash with ... Pope Soap!!

jima @ 08/21/2002 01:54 PM CST

On a rope!
On a post!
With a ghost!
And some toast!
OK, sorry, got carried away here. In a box. Wearing sox. Um.

elavil @ 08/21/2002 02:49 PM CST

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