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Yesterday was the first day of a five-day weekend for me. I took a few days off to work on some rainy-day projects that I've been putting off for months, like updating my photo albums, sending out wedding pictures, cleaning out my little office, bathing the dog, etc.

So yesterday, I went out to Oak Park to see some friends and have lunch with a dear pal of mine. I was hoping to get some bead shopping in (because I am always hoping to get some bead shopping in), but the store was closed. I did a lot of walking around in the heat and humidity, which is never a good idea, and after an hour on three El trains and a long walk back to the house, I was starting to get a pretty fierce migraine. I often get migraines on muggy, hot days. A couple Excedrin and a nap usually fixes everything right up.

By the time Jim got home from work, I was completely destroyed. An angry fist of pain was trying to push its way in through the base of my skull, another through my right eye. I went to bed at 6. By 8, I was weeping with pain. I seriously considered either going to the emergency room or asking Jim to bring me a drill. The pain just kept getting worse. I started worrying about encephalitis and aneurysms, and finally had my doctor paged to see if I had time to get my affairs in order before my brain exploded. She talked me out of an ER trip and prescribed midrin instead.

Any my beloved Mr. Jimmie ran (ran!) to the drugstore to get my prescription filled! He brought me cold compresses and glasses of water and tissues! Because he is good and nice and wonderful! An hour later, I was right as rain.

Between the trip to Oak Park and the migrainy agony, I was off the computer all day. And I liked it. So I think I'll keep my online time to a minimum for the rest of my vacation. If that's alright with you.

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Sounds like Midrin is the true hero in this story. But I'll take the accolades, I suppose.

jima @ 08/22/2002 07:29 AM CST


Charlie @ 08/22/2002 10:50 AM CST

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