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I've had the same haircut for, oh, the last 15 years or so. There have been some variations in length and angle, but it's basically been a straight, side-parted bob for me since high school. (Well, except for the brief Mia-Farrow-in-Rosemary's-Baby phase in 1995, but the less said about that, the better.) But I was itching to try something different today when I went to ye olde Hair Cuttery. And now I am sad.

The moral of the story: Never try anything different.

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Amen to that, Sister.

jhames @ 08/23/2002 10:43 PM CST

Oh noooo!

I remember the 1st time I dyed my hair black, I scared myself when I looked in the mirror, for like a week. But then it was cool.

I bet yours is cool but just a little scary. Work that scary bit, and it'll be fine. ;D

Jessica @ 08/24/2002 02:34 AM CST

Hey, I had an Afro once. The real moral of the story is: It grows back.

elavil @ 08/24/2002 06:37 AM CST

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