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I can't say enough about how much I hate this haircut.

...grow grow grow grow grow grow grow grow...

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so, you're not going to be posting a pic of this much-maligned haircut, are you?

heather @ 08/26/2002 12:35 PM CST

You've really got my attention, now, too. Send a pic!

(BTW: Change is bad. We fear change.)

Charlie @ 08/26/2002 01:21 PM CST

Hell no, I'm not posting a picture! Psssh, I'm not falling for that one.

amyc @ 08/26/2002 01:36 PM CST

So how's it different, then? Did you just shave it down to a bowling ball?

Oh! I know! Is it like Moe's bowl cut?

Maybe your stylist went trendy and it looks like an accident involving a light socket, mousse, and a dull lawn mower?

(... this is getting fun. My job doesn't usually call for imagination, like this.)

Charlie @ 08/26/2002 05:39 PM CST

You know... Amy WILL remember this. And the next time you come a-visiting, something BAD might happen to you.

jima @ 08/28/2002 02:20 PM CST

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