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Am I the only one who thinks the Bush administration's bloodlust for Saddam Hussein -- despite the lack of any evidence that he had anything to do with Sept. 11 or that he actually has any weapons of mass destruction in his nasty little hands -- sounds a bit like the witch-burning science from Holy Grail?

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"And what else may be concealing chemical and biological agents from UN weapons inspectors?"

"Um... very small rocks?"

Phineas @ 08/28/2002 04:48 PM CST

I think Dubya is just trying to clean up Daddy's mess while the US is swept up in this faux partriotic mess.
but that's just me

the other amy @ 08/30/2002 05:53 AM CST

That's not just you. That's what all sensible people think.

What do the Australians think of us these days?

amyc @ 08/30/2002 08:58 AM CST

most Aussies I know are pretty sensible. they separate the government's actions from the population's feelings. (did that make sense?) But maybe that's just my friends.

the other amy @ 08/30/2002 07:45 PM CST

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