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If you're going to see Sleater-Kinney on their upcoming tour (and who isn't?) get yrself over to the KRS website and request your favorite songs so they can play what the people want to hear.

It's an interesting idea and far preferable to, say, being a drunken frat boy standing in the very back of the Metro spending nearly every minute of an otherwise kick-ass show yelling "Start Together!" and "Dig Me Out!" directly into the ears of the increasingly infuriated woman in front of you who paid to hear the band and not you, you fucking shit-stain, and they can't hear you anyway, so shut the fuck up before I rip out your still-beating heart and cram it down your yell-hole!

I'm just sayin'.

Replies: 2 Confessions

they let drunken frat boys into SK shows? wow the metro is far more progressive than seattle when Kathleen Hanna personally works the door turning away baseball cap wearing clueless misogynists.

shechemist @ 08/29/2002 09:37 AM CST

Yeah, he seemed a little out of place, with his ball cap and A&F shirt. I was surprised he knew their songs well enough to shout out titles. Perhaps he'd heard about the Tucker-Brownstein romance and was hoping for a free show.

amyc @ 08/29/2002 10:54 AM CST

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