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We're heading for a whirlwind tour of the glorious wastelands of {{popup bigbeaver.jpg bigbeaver 400x341}}suburban Detroit this weekend to visit my family, take my niece out for her 17th birthday, hang out with friends and, if all goes according to plan, we'll get to meet the famous Dave "not a rubber monster" Linabury. Phineas and the Ingenue will be here in our place, minding the pets, watching televised entertainment (Phin has no TV, because he is Amish) and probably trying on our clothes and having tea parties because they think that's what we do with our evenings. I haven't the heart to tell them otherwise.

So, how are you spending your long weekend?

Replies: 10 Confessions

I'm going to cough.

elavil @ 08/30/2002 07:00 AM CST

I'm going to be thankful that we won't have cats jumping on our heads at 4:30 in the morning!

jima @ 08/30/2002 08:23 AM CST

You're going to cough the whole weekend? Won't that hurt?

amyc @ 08/30/2002 08:52 AM CST

the current property management company has no idea what the inside of my apartment looks like, nor do they have a cash deposit from me. I am taking advantage of this by painting my kitchen deep red and pale yellow, getting rid of a wall mounted cabinet that lacks both form and function, and putting up a nice open wood shelving unit for my coffee cups and canned goods.

note to all landlords: don't rent to me. your puny rules mean nothing to me. I mock your stupid no paint clauses. I hate your white walls and shitty particle board cabinetry. I am not paying rent only to hate my living space. mmmawwwwhawwwwhawwwwww.

shechemist @ 08/30/2002 09:03 AM CST

Can you believe it? Nothing special is scheduled. Leslie's cuz is coming into town for a Scrabble tournement and staying with us. She says I'll like him, so I'm optimistic.

I expect to spend much time fighting with our homeowners' ass. about the fact that they approved our painting our doors blue and that, yes, "Garage Doors" do fall in to that category. Their contention is that when they said 'doors' they didn't mean 'doors'. Okay, so I'm being smartassy, but the architecture thug has been bullying us and, while we are gentle people, we're not going to take this groundless bullshit. He'll have to plan better.

Charlie @ 08/30/2002 11:45 AM CST

Now that there's not going to be a baseball strike, I will probably also drink lots of water, watch lots of baseball, work on Phineas' quilt, and mediate disagreements among Walter, Grace, and the very ill-named Twiglet (because he looks like a KEG, not a TWIG).

elavil @ 08/30/2002 12:04 PM CST

How could you not love a competitive Scrabbler?

And why do you have to get your paint jobs preapproved? You live in Oregon! Down with The Man, and all that.

amyc @ 08/30/2002 12:05 PM CST

two words,
stawberry cheesecake

the other amy @ 08/30/2002 07:53 PM CST

I'm going to spend mine recovering from 4hrs of tattooing today. Think the endorphins are juuuust about wearing off. That, and reading the pile of magazines that has piled up, for I fear I might have a job come Tuesday.

Also I will be second guessing whether to accept the job, if it is offered, for it is the biggest yet abominably cheapest corporate sellout possible. It's like the meanest joke I'd play on my teenage anarchist self if I were a mediocre has-been of an adult, and it's not that I'm just hungry. Sigh.

Wow. Think I just answered that question. OK. I'll slow down on that magazine pile. And play some Scrabble, yes yes.

Jessica @ 08/31/2002 12:45 AM CST

I am so glad you psted that pic. No one outside of Michigan believes me that Big Beaver Road is exit 69.

Davezilla @ 08/31/2002 03:48 PM CST

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