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It is not normal for one's computer to start making ka-CHUNK ka-CHUNK noises for several seconds, then freeze up and die. Especially when one's computer is but a few months old. So until I figure out what the fuck, I won't be able to update the blog with a lovingly told tale of our trip to Michigan. But check back soon to find our thrilling adventures in the wolverine state, co-starring Davezilla, David & Nadine, the Carltons, and two redneck, gay-bashing NASCAR fans following us in a red pickup truck from Waterford to Jackson. Oh, the excitements!

Replies: 6 Confessions

Ooo! You do know how to spin a teaser, don't you?!

Charlie @ 09/03/2002 11:00 AM CST

our thrilling adventures in the wolverine state

Hmm, I thought it was the Cougar State.


jima @ 09/03/2002 02:21 PM CST

I thought it was the PUMA state. In the cravasses.

elavil @ 09/03/2002 02:56 PM CST

Oh, whop whop whop!

jima @ 09/03/2002 04:32 PM CST

You're all wrong. We are the Spotted Bandicoot State.

Davezilla @ 09/04/2002 08:21 AM CST

No way, man! It's the Big Beaver state!

amyc @ 09/04/2002 09:22 AM CST

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