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You know, with these 9/11 commemorative objects, there's tacky, there's stupid, and then there's the completely inexplicable. Like this font family inspired by the World Trade Center wreckage. Why does this even exist?

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"Stupid"? It's got kitty cats!
As wrote today: "Cats...what's not to love?"

Actually I would have liked a variation on the old "hang in there, baby!" poster better.

drench @ 09/06/2002 09:03 AM CST

That's supposed to say "as jima wrote" above. Hey tech support for The greater-than and less-thans were in the preview, but they went away (along with the "jima" text inside) in the post. I did use the HTML entities, too.

drench @ 09/06/2002 09:07 AM CST

How's that for you? Those Qrazy Quebeqois want $40 (US) for their stupid fonts.

Charlie @ 09/06/2002 12:05 PM CST

How do you find this stuff, anyway? Is Sister finding this stuff for you?

Charlie @ 09/06/2002 12:12 PM CST

and I thought the 9/11 made for TV movie was tacky!
and yes they ARE showing it here in Australia this week.
ug, I don't think I'll be turing my TV on all week.

the other amy @ 09/06/2002 04:59 PM CST

How did you make the distinction between "tacky" and "stupid"?

matthew @ 09/06/2002 05:20 PM CST

I used a slide rule.

amyc @ 09/07/2002 03:31 PM CST

You have a truly rarefied and exponential sensibility.

matthew @ 09/07/2002 04:17 PM CST

Would you like an original 1971 Hang in there Baby poster by Victor Baldwin. In mint condition just waiting 30 years for you to ask.


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