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So, this guy goes into a coma in 1995 (during the Clinton Administration and the OJ trial, though the coma appears to be unrelated to either), and wakes up now. How would you explain the last 7 years to him? Hell, how would you even explain the last 12 months to him?

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My words to him: Dude, go back to sleep!

michele @ 09/07/2002 05:54 PM CST

"Uh, so Bush is president, we're in a recession, and we're about to go to war with Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein." Coma guy will think he's gone back in time.

amyc @ 09/08/2002 09:42 AM CST

At least we can tell him O.J. is innocent.

matthew @ 09/08/2002 12:26 PM CST

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