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The computer had been behaving itself for several days (in a row!), leading me to believe that its grinding noises and freeze-ups were a distant memory. Until yesterday, when it started making even worse noises and now won't even complete a startup. So what I'm saying it, blogging will be light until I get this situation all worked out. With some help, of course, from Jim, Phineas and anyone else who might know why a 10-month-old iMac would suddenly lose all interest in life.

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Lucky think you're still under warranty. It does have a 1 yr warranty, right?

Charlie @ 09/09/2002 10:41 AM CST

Yeah. I gotta find it, though.

amyc @ 09/09/2002 11:01 AM CST

Doubt this will help but: Peter had exactly the same problem with his iMac, and crashed (at least) two hard drives in the first year. I think the current iteration has been OK, but I'm not sure for how long.
So much for the legendary Apple dependability.

elavil @ 09/09/2002 06:06 PM CST

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