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Dr. Phineas came over to examine my computer last night and after various diagnostic measures pronounced the patient's hard drive "fucked." So it's off to MicroCenter tonight for intensive care.

It's weird not having a computer. This morning, unable to check e-mail or read the news or post on my blog, I just stared into my closet for 10 minutes. I did last night's dishes, walked the dog, picked out something to wear, and then I just stood there with nothing to do until Jim got out of the shower. I cannot remember how I occupied my time before I had home Internet access. When I'm writing things by hand these days, I find myself wondering how I can "save" it. I've started wishing that books and magazines had hyperlinks. Perhaps it will be good for my soul to be computer-free for a little while.

The timing of my little Mac's demise was fortuitous in at least one regard: Now I won't even be able to get online tomorrow, even if I wanted to, which I don't. My way of commemorating the events of Sept. 11 is to avoid them entirely. I took the day off work, I'm renting a stack of distracting, noncontroversial movies tonight and buying the new Run-DMC greatest hits CD, and I plan to shun all newspapers, chat shows, radio programs, Web sites, public gatherings and all the other events in our vast national orgy of grief. I just can't watch. I've seen enough.

How can you remember something you've never been given a chance to forget, anyway?

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Hope you had a good hide. I kept my TV and radio off and otherwise did not find too many reminders. I did ask my undergrad students for a moment of silence to remember everyone whose lives were damaged by violence, and read them Article 1 from the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, which states that the nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems. They appeared to be thinking this over.

elavil @ 09/11/2002 06:28 PM CST

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