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Looks like I'll be computer-less for up to two weeks. And MicroCenter (where little iMac is getting the help it needs) doesn't do data restoring. If I need a new hard drive, I'm going to have to do lots of stuff from scratch, and I'm going to lose many things of great sentimental value (like my wedding vows, e-mails from Jim dating back to our first tentative steps toward romance, many many photos, etc.), so if anyone knows of any place in Chicago that can restore all this stuff, preferably without costing me a million jillion dollars, I'd be ever so grateful for the info.

So I'll have a lot of free time to fill. Suggestions?

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A SHOE man!!!

A HORSE person!!!

jima @ 09/12/2002 09:57 AM CST

You could make a new computer. Out of BEADS.

Phineas @ 09/12/2002 09:59 AM CST

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