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Gracious! It's been a while since I've seen something this odd. Link via Blort.

In computer-woe news, the fixer-people called last night to tell me that my hard drive is indeed fucked (you were right, Phin!), but I don't get to have it back to extract its juicy center, even if I could afford such a procedure. They have to send the defective hard drive back to Apple so that I can have a free new one. So, goodbye forever, photos and software and MP3s and Bugdom high scores! (Fortunately, my old Mac 8500 is still in the basement and contains the first two years of Jim's e-mails to me, so I may not have lost those!) In the future, I will be more diligent about backups, I s'pose.

If you ever have to put the smack down on a sheep, wear a ski-mask, because those bastards will remember your face and most likely come after you to exact their revenge in some horrid, sheepy way. Also, watch out for squirrels. Oh, bugger!

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Only at work am I any good with backups. I *KNOW* they're important, but only rarely do I go ahead and do it. I recently did backup a bunch of Aidan's baby pictures, though. They're one of the few things of real sentimental value on my computer.

BTW: Thx for the tip on the sheep. That info forces me to change my weekend plans, significantly.

Charlie @ 09/13/2002 10:54 AM CST

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