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Sometimes, by expressing my opinions on my car, I get hassled. Sometimes I get praised. This note was left on my windshield Sunday:

I love your stickers! Especially the gun one* + the republican one** -- i.e., moronic fool spoiled brat fucks up the economy for the middle class. Anyway, e-mail me if you have any more. Love 'em. Thanks! [e-mail address]

So, thank you nice (if slightly grammatically challenged) person!

In other news, still no computer.

*If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will shoot their kids accidentally
**Vote Republican -- it's easier than thinking

Replies: 2 Confessions

When will we see Rubber Nun stickers? Maybe a big picture of Sister, with "SISTER IS WATCHING" in big block capitals. I'd want one!

jima @ 09/17/2002 07:46 AM CST


matthew @ 09/17/2002 08:14 AM CST

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