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The good news (for me, Mother Superior): My computer is all tricked out (at last!) with its badasssss new hard drive, and I get to pick it up tonight.

The bad news (for you, my devoted novices): I'm also expecting this in the mail today, and until I examine every last nugget of unreleased and/or remastered and/or director-commentaried fantasticness it has to offer me in its shiny little package, I don't plan to do any software installation or surfing or blogging. The iMac is a lovely thing, but it does not compare to the Fabs cavorting in their quick-witted, shaggy-haired, tight-trousered English glory! Want me to recite every line of dialogue at you? Because I can. Really, it's no trouble!

Replies: 4 Confessions

Not to fear: the package arrived this afternoon.

jima @ 09/24/2002 03:51 PM CST

Really. I think that reciting their dialogue sounds like Trouble.

Your Better Judgement @ 09/24/2002 05:50 PM CST

Get me a bottle of milk and some tranquilizers. I see it all now -- it's a plot. A plot....

amyc @ 09/25/2002 08:44 AM CST

She looks more like him than I do

JoPaGeRi @ 12/29/2006 11:22 AM CST

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