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U.S. doctors have managed to grow pig teeth in rat intestines, a feat of bioengineering they said on Thursday could spark a dental revolution.

So if you don't give a rat's ass about your teeth, scientists will do it for you! Or something. Jeebus, this is a weird story. I mean, someone actually had the idea to grow pig teeth in rat guts, and someone else said, "Hey! That's so crazy, it might just work!" and then someone else gave them money to try it. And now it's a "revolution"! I'm so confused.

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This is what happens when those wacky kids down at ComedySportz snag pipettes and get their phosphoresis on. Improv genetics.

Shylo @ 09/26/2002 11:27 AM CST

Shylo, you deserve an award. I nominate Shylo for Best Quip in September. The trophy is in the mail.

elavil @ 09/26/2002 03:54 PM CST

Comment on Metafilter about this story:

"I for one welcome our new internal pig-toothed rat overlords..."

jima @ 09/26/2002 04:41 PM CST

There is a pig hovering overhead like a hummingbird.

matthew @ 09/26/2002 04:57 PM CST

Scientist 1: You got pig teeth in my rat intestines!

Scientist 2: You got rat intestines on my pig teeth!

Both: Mmmmmm!

amyc @ 09/27/2002 07:35 AM CST

And yet they had this pretty normal scientist on NPR talking about how nice this would be for people currently stuck with expensive, painful, and cosmetically inferior reconstructions. This research shows that eventually (she is thinking 5-10 years) they can just put these precursor cells in yr jaw and voila, you will grow yr own new tooth. Presumably it would not be a pig tooth, but she didn't actually say.

elavil @ 09/27/2002 08:40 AM CST

It's too bad, then, that Jim could not wait 5-10 years for the root canal he has to get on Monday.

amyc @ 09/27/2002 09:10 AM CST

This is exactly what I was thinking.

elavil @ 09/27/2002 10:37 AM CST


amyc @ 02/14/2003 02:04 PM CST

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