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While registering voters today at the Belmont El stop, I was asked...

Guy: Where's the nearest Starbucks?
Me: Uh, see that light half a block down at Clark? It's there.
Guy: That's the closest one?

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I wonder if there is a plausible explanation for this question, such as: Guy was told to meet Person at the Starbuck's closest to the El stop. Perhaps Person did not show up and Guy wanted to be sure of his choice, since Starbuck's are more common than cops these days. My students have shown me repeatedly this fall that some stupid questions aren't.

elavil @ 09/29/2002 05:04 PM CST

I guess the transcription doesn't capture his tone. He appeared to be whining that there wasn't one closer than half a block away. It was more like, "That's the closest one?!?" I should have offered to pull a latte out of my pants.

amyc @ 09/29/2002 06:55 PM CST

Oh my, that is funny. It would take him one minute to walk down there, maybe two if the sidewalk is crowded. My theory is: if you can see it from where you're standing, it's pretty damn close.
And considering all the expanding Starbucks does, one just might be coming to a pair of pants near you. One of my all-time favorite ONION articles was the one about the Starbucks opening up inside the restroom of an existing Starbucks.
Signed a Fellow Chicago Head-Scratcher.

Tim @ 09/30/2002 04:26 PM CST

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