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So at 6:30 yesterday morning, as I was trying to make my way downtown to meet friends for breakfast before the AIDS Walk, the complete lack of predawn #77 buses forced me to hail a cab. The cabbie was just starting his shift, having just dropped off his "night man." Except for the occasional surly or witnessing hack, I really like talking to cab drivers. And yesterday's driver was more than willing to open up and share. He complained, though not without affection, about his night man. The night man lives in my neighborhood and apparently doesn't like having to drive all the way up to Rogers Park to pick up his partner every morning. He and the night man have been working in tandem for more than a year.

Cabbie: You really get to know a guy when you work with him like that for more than a year. You really become intimate, in the way that two men can.
Me: Really?
Cabbie: Oh, sure! You get to know each other well, and you fight about the same little stuff all the time. It's like you're...
Me: You're bickering like an old married couple?
Cabbie: Yeah! That's it exactly! (pause) Wait, did you say "intimate like a married couple"?
Me: "Bickering."
Cabbie: Yeah, yeah. That too.

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