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"When asked by her lawyer how she knew how many times to hit a child, Ms. Poulin replied that she would pray about it and God would send her a message."

Replies: 2 Confessions

"Hello, Ms. Poulin? This is Shirley, God's secretary. God wanted me to let you know that God can't possibly get back to you with an answer. God is a very busy these days, but God has passed your message on to an associate, a Mr. Beelzebub. You should expect a reply from him very shortly. Should you have any questions, you can contact him directly at 1-800-462-4355. That's 1-800-GO-2-HELL. We do thank you for your time. Thank you."

Tim @ 10/01/2002 10:28 AM CST

Oy vay. I just realized I look like some Bible-beating yay-hoo in my confession. I just thought it might be a funny way for her prayer to be answered. I just spoke with Satan a few minutes ago, and he says he has no intention of answering this woman's call either.

Tim @ 10/01/2002 02:25 PM CST

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