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Alas. Why would anyone make fun of Adam Ant's outfit?

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He looks like Anthony Hopkins as Truman Capote.
Still, don't you like the sound of "affray?" I'd love to commit and affray. Maybe two. Maybe all day.

elavil @ 10/02/2002 03:03 PM CST

Sounds kind of like the list of crimes Ringo gets arrested for in A Hard Day's Night: "Wandering abroad. Malicious intent. Acting in a suspicious manner. Conduct liable to cause a breach of the peace."

And, yes, I can relate almost any situation to A Hard Day's Night.

amyc @ 10/02/2002 03:22 PM CST

I also like that they started a sentence in that article with the words "Customers pursued Ant". At least they didn't call him Mr. Ant!

jima @ 10/02/2002 04:01 PM CST

Ah, yes. I sort of recall a live Zappa concert when Frank introduced, or at least introduced a song by, "Mr. Sting." (No, my memory is not very clear and yes, there's a very good reason.)

elavil @ 10/02/2002 04:31 PM CST

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