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Last night I saw a young woman with a neck tattoo. Of a bathtub.

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I think you should send this to the MLA for deconstruction.

elavil @ 10/04/2002 10:57 AM CST

hee hee!

amy beth @ 10/04/2002 04:01 PM CST

There once was this chick who would frequent the tattoo conventions, and she was adding a new twist to that genre of tattooing that Will Not Get You Laid. You know the type: big cartoony gorey dead guy in a race car, or bad sex in vivid blacklight color, or other creepy bits of loud art that make you wonder what the story will be to the grandkids?

Hers was the end all, be all, yes sirree that's ART: a necklace of severed penises in 2400 colors. An American Gothic with penis heads. Christopher Columbus as a dickhead.

And an unfinished sewing machine on her tummy.

Jessica @ 10/05/2002 12:32 PM CST

bubbles and all?

the other amy @ 10/07/2002 01:11 AM CST

No bubbles. It appeared to be an empty, claw-footed tub. But it had a showerhead. So that's something.

amyc @ 10/07/2002 08:54 AM CST

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