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I get to be the first person to blog about the Chicago Bloggers gathering this evening -- see, there are advantages to being a lightweight with an early bedtime!

So anyway, Jim and I noshed and mingled with about 15 of our Chicago blogging compatriots this evening at the Flat Top Grill on Southport & Belmont. We got to meet Andrew and Lacey and Paul and Sandor and Jason and a whole buncha other people whose names I've forgotten. Also Leroy and John from Wilco stopped by, but there were no more tables, so we sent them away. Sorry, fellas!

Yeah, so a good time was had by all, as far as I know. Why weren't you there?

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If I had known maybe bookalooka & i would have shown. Darn!:)

amy beth @ 10/04/2002 10:00 PM CST

Gotta join the list, maan.

jima @ 10/05/2002 12:32 PM CST

I would have come but 1) I am not a blogger 2) I am not in Chicago 3) Walter does not like me to go out on Fridays.

elavil @ 10/05/2002 02:58 PM CST

Hey! I saw the nun peer over to our table, but I don't think I got to meet you.

Perhaps at the next gathering!

Alex @ 10/05/2002 04:29 PM CST

That's because Amy and the Nun were up with us at the *cool* table. ;D

Jason @ 10/07/2002 10:41 AM CST

ok! I did.:P

amy beth @ 10/07/2002 10:44 AM CST

I'm so glad I got to sit with the nun.

paul @ 10/08/2002 04:12 PM CST

Sister smiled upon you.

amyc @ 10/10/2002 01:09 PM CST

My respect! Very interesting site - a good resource for everybody!

Kieane @ 11/16/2004 05:20 AM CST

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