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Why is it so fucking hard to get a decent haircut in this town?!?!?

And where can I buy some hats?

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Haven't we had this conversation, before? Didn't you just get a terrible haircut that you wouldn't send me a picture of? Um, last spring?

Charlie @ 10/05/2002 11:03 PM CST

No, it was just about 2 months ago. I got that one fixed and loved it, and I asked the guy yesterday to just give me a 1/4-inch trim. He took off more than an inch, and it's lopsided. So now I have to get it fixed again, and it's already too short.

amyc @ 10/06/2002 09:13 AM CST

I used to go to Milio's in Boystown, I hear he has moved, but I highly recommend him.

the other amy @ 10/07/2002 01:07 AM CST

I've also heard good things about Milio's. They've done a fantastic job with my friend Ann's hair every time out.

Jason @ 10/07/2002 10:42 AM CST

Does Milio's do normal-people hair well, though? I know if I wanted purple dreads, they would set me up right.

amyc @ 10/07/2002 11:05 AM CST

Pretty Asian chick at the Heidi's on Michigan avenue. I forgot her name, but she is the best. On the cutting edge, as it were.
In fact, best haircut I ever had. Too bad I live 3 hours from Chicago now.

Amy @ 10/10/2002 01:54 PM CST

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