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"amyc is a robot! It is better than the last one!"

"rubbernun is a toothbrush that follows a target of your choice, keeps you warm at night and believes itself to be self-aware."

"Mr. Jimmie is a television set that's made of rubber, soothes babies and emits a constant high-frequency whine."

And you are?

link found at Michele's place, which is a nice place when it's not all about the war.

Replies: 7 Confessions

"Shylo is like a normal deck of cards, but it pings when it's ready. "

Boy, does she!

Shylo! @ 10/09/2002 08:56 AM CST

"Phineas is a beermat that hangs upside-down from the ceiling and catalogues its contents."

Yes, yes he is.

jima @ 10/09/2002 09:57 AM CST

Reverend Agnes is a fork! It uses the Amazon API.
Which would be what, exactly? Other than something that needs a fork.

Reverend Agnes @ 10/09/2002 01:24 PM CST

No more war. I'm done. Come back!

michele @ 10/09/2002 01:32 PM CST

The Amazon API is the program interface that Amazon recently made available to programmers who want to write applications that use the Amazon product database. So you could, for example, write yourself a simplified Website that just lets you search and see products, without all the tedious extra articles and wish lists and other stuff that you never look at on Amazon's homepage.

jima @ 10/09/2002 02:15 PM CST

Charlie is a pair of roller-skates that can help you lose weight! It is rustproof.


that's a fun site. Thx, Michele/Amyc.

Charlie @ 10/10/2002 11:47 AM CST

Almost as fun as the "google '(your name) is'" game, with bonus as it's by Kevan, woohoo Kevan!

peacedividend is like a normal walking stick, but it plays MP3s.

Jessica @ 10/10/2002 01:57 PM CST

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