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OK, so I planned to do really great entry yesterday about how seeing Lynda Barry and Sleater-Kinney on two successive nights had reinvigorated my creativity and my desire to write. I was going to talk about Barry's theory that as we get older, we leave creativity to "the professionals" and we stop singing and dancing and painting because we think we won't do it "right." And I was gonna tie that into how every time I see Janet Weiss drumming, I imagine what my life would have been like if I'd seen her when I was 16, and how I probably would have begged my parents to buy me a drum kit and lessons so I could start my own punk band and get the hell out of Michigan, and what's stopping me from doing that now.

But I spent all day yesterday immobilized by back spasms. It was my first time for such a thing. And these are the lessons I learned:
1. It is not possible to sit in a chair and blog when one's back is frozen with pain. In fact, it is not possible to do anything, except watch "Rock & Roll Weddings" on VH1 and nap intermittently. And cry out in pain.
2. Alleve is good. (Thanks for the tip, Shylo!)
3. Those multi-attachment "back massagers" can actually be used for massaging backs. Who knew?

Anyway, this will be a theme week at RubberNun -- I'm going to my 10-yr college reunion this weekend, and I've been thinking a lot about how Me v.02 has changed since Me v.92. I still have many of the same features, but parts of me are unrecognizable.

But I can't start theme week just yet, because now I have to go participate in an all-day "team-building" event with my work people because some people can't play nice and it's making us all crazy. But that's the last you'll hear about that from me, because it's a bad idea to blog too much about work crap.

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Creativity is over-rated. Let creativity take care of itself. Bang on a can if not a drum, string beads, write, bash warbloggers, tell funny stories about the Pope, find new ways of massaging your back.

matthew @ 10/14/2002 09:33 AM CST

did the cold help? nothing better for a bad back than a bag full of niblets. frozen corn is also good for snacking, as are frozen grapes.

Shylo @ 10/14/2002 09:36 AM CST

every time I see mike watt I wish I made more time in my life to tink around on my guitar. I think we should start a no talent, girly punk band we can sing about our dogs, our random loves, political disatification, and why someone needs to make me a bowel disruptor.

sorry about your back. if warmth helps, some genuis made thin, disposable heating pads that last about 5 hours you can affix to a tight t-shirt (or big ass underware for cramps). walgreens sells them.

shechemist @ 10/14/2002 10:19 AM CST

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