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As promised, here are some nice photos from our Homecoming Extravaganza! Mr. Jimmie took all but the last two, which are from my personal collection. Relive the magic, won't you?

Replies: 4 Confessions

That Michelle sure can dance!

jima @ 10/22/2002 10:32 AM CST

You should see her bear down.

Jenny @ 10/22/2002 01:33 PM CST

It's that Moby Dick... it just gets my groove a goin'
(I still swear I do not remember dancing on the table...good beer? comps stress?)

michelle @ 10/22/2002 01:37 PM CST

It was Day of Gracious Living, if that explains anything. Perhaps you had a touch of sunstroke.

amyc @ 10/22/2002 01:43 PM CST

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