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We got so much culture this weekend, our heads are like vats of yogurt!

First, we saw Bowling for Columbine -- go see this. Really. It's heavy-handed and blotchy and not journalism in any sense, but it's also insightful, hilarious and tragic. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll move to Canada.

Then, Saturday night, we took in the McSweeney's vs. They Might Be Giants Road Show, a three-hour extravaganza featuring readings by John Hodgman, Arthur Bradford, Dave Eggers, a teenaged poet named Ayoko Stewart and Ira Glass (who's starting to look like a middle-aged lesbian); music throughout by TMBG; and an opening set by the astounding Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, who write songs about the slides they buy at thrift stores and garage sales. (You should see them at Intuit this Saturday. What's stopping you?) Thankfully, there were no werewolves in sight all evening.

Yesterday, we went to see Punch Drunk Love, which was good. Not great, but definitely good. In the scene where Adam Sandler kisses Emily Watson for the first time, he leans his head into her neck with an astonishing tenderness that made me teary-eyed. I was surprised. Also, Mr. Show vet Mary Lynn Rajskub is fab as one of Sandler's many sisters. Don't cross her.

Busy, busy, busy. I would now like a nap.

Replies: 4 Confessions

Ira also bore a strong resemblance to Michael Musto.

jima @ 10/28/2002 08:24 AM CST

Also, like middle-aged lesbians, he's a Buffy fan.

jima @ 10/28/2002 09:38 AM CST

Iíll let you know about choice real estate after I move to Montreal. We can all speak French together!

jhames @ 10/28/2002 12:01 PM CST

Mais oui!

amyc @ 10/28/2002 12:04 PM CST

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