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Last night I dreamed I was watching a film adaptation of 1984, which claimed to go back to Orwell's "original vision" for the story. The scathing political satire and lengthy torture scenes were omitted (except for the rat-mask bit, which was curiously still present). The film instead was a wacky romantic comedy about Winston, played as a neurotic stammerer in the mold of Woody Allen, trying to woo Julia away from the Junior Anti-Sex League. But her big brother Gary would have none of it! Hilarity ensued.

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"Big Gary"?

jima @ 10/29/2002 04:18 PM CST

Big Brother Gary.

amyc @ 10/30/2002 06:05 AM CST

Do you read Neal Pollack's "The Maelstrom"? He and his selected panel of experts answer all George Orwell questions.

matthew @ 10/30/2002 07:06 AM CST

I love The Maelstrom -- perhaps I should rewrite the post in the form of a question and let Andy and Hitch have a whack at it.

amyc @ 10/30/2002 08:25 AM CST

Definitely, they could branch out into dream interpretation.

matthew @ 10/30/2002 08:36 AM CST

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