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I'm updating my about page. It's mostly finished, with a nice picture and some better copy. But it's missing something. So I open it up to you, dear readers. Is there anything you'd like to know about this site (or me)?

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a/s/l ?

jima @ 10/31/2002 08:21 AM CST


amyc @ 10/31/2002 08:26 AM CST

Might mention yr progressivism, which gets lots of space on the site but not much in the "about."

elavil @ 10/31/2002 08:26 AM CST

a/s/l => age/sex/location. That's the way "the kids" abbreviate the request in Instant Messenger.

jima @ 10/31/2002 09:23 AM CST

Sorry. I'm so unhip! I thought you were asking me about sign language.

amyc @ 10/31/2002 09:34 AM CST

So how's your sign language, baby?

jima @ 10/31/2002 01:06 PM CST

You must be a Libra. LOVE your nails.

elavil @ 10/31/2002 04:20 PM CST

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