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You know, every time I get discouraged at work, I just think to myself, "At least I don't have to masturbate a sedated gorilla."

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Personally, I think to myself, "At least I am not at risk for electro-ejaculation."

elavil @ 10/31/2002 02:36 PM CST

Zookeepers are refusing to help a sedated gorilla masturbate.

One of those sentences that makes my brain shut down completely when it tries to process it.

jima @ 10/31/2002 02:57 PM CST

Maybe they just don't like to do it when the gorilla is sedated. Where's the thrill in that?

matthew @ 10/31/2002 03:54 PM CST

Hey, I've been to this zoo and will make a point of going back in January to check this out.

Lynn @ 10/31/2002 06:20 PM CST

see, I'd give a gorilla an extra special release massage if it meant I'd never have to sit in another 3 hour meeting of people screaming at each other over "the process pathway".

seriously, hand me the big bottle of Primate Platinum Wet.

shechemist @ 11/01/2002 12:29 PM CST

now wait just a minute...I recently saw a documentary on this koala mating program that Taronga is running. They did a whole 'coitus interuptus' thing with this pair of koalas to collect the male koala's semen and test it.

Not one of them objected to that.

I think the staff are being desciminatory to the gorillas. I bet the Crocodile Hunter would do it!

the other amy @ 11/02/2002 03:35 PM CST

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