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Mmmm! I love the smell of voting booths in the morning! It smells like victory!

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Especially when your booth is next to a cabinet with a sign reading "Girl Scout Supplies" on it.

Shylo! @ 11/05/2002 09:23 AM CST

Hope Jones got a picture of that!

jima @ 11/05/2002 09:44 AM CST

it was freaky voting with no green candidates on the ballot.

why o'why did I leave the west coast?

to make it even odder, my polling place was a freaking used car lot.

shechemist @ 11/05/2002 10:07 AM CST

I voted for Stephanie "vs. the Machine" Sailor. For reals.

Shylo! @ 11/05/2002 10:17 AM CST

She's pro-gun AND pro-drugs! Should make for a lively inauguration ball if she's elected!

jima @ 11/05/2002 10:38 AM CST

I love to vote often. Every election year, I wear different disguises so I can keep voting for all of the people I want to win. I make a good old lady, yo.

jhames @ 11/05/2002 10:45 AM CST

At least Libertarians say actual things. That's what I like about them...When they aren't crazy.

Shylo! @ 11/05/2002 10:52 AM CST

Can anyone tell me where to vote AGAINST the boy scouts? Kicked out another athiest they did. Would everyone please take a moment today to say something nasty about the boy scouts to somebody? I just love voting. I wish we could vote on more things.

Dog Froguson @ 11/05/2002 11:58 AM CST

I'll vote against the Boy Scouts! Can we keep the Girl Scouts, though? They've got those yummy cookies....

amyc @ 11/05/2002 12:18 PM CST

Libertarians are a kind of cross between Bill Harris ("Kill the weak") and Aleister Crowley ("Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.") Perhaps all of them are nasty, brutish, and short as well. Ed Thompson, brother of Tommy (Dubya's man in the HHS) is our libertarian candidate for governor here in the land of cheez. He says we should vote for him because he has the balls to eat venison despite concerns about prions and chronic wasting disease. Balls and brains, how can we resist?

elavil @ 11/05/2002 12:32 PM CST

Girl Scouts (esp. Cookies): GOOD!
Boy Scouts: BAD!
My district (14th) had a Green Party candidate, Jason Farbman, and I voted for him. It was the first time I have ever cast a vote for a non-bipartisan. It felt great. I know he won't win against Harry Osterman (D), but I actually met Jason and talked to him. I couldn't tell you who Harry Osterman was if you put him in a tutu and made him dance on State Street.
[I love using things like the "(D)" and "esp." in my writing. It makes me feel like the Red Eye.]

Tim @ 11/05/2002 12:32 PM CST

We can definitely keep the Girl Scouts. For those cute little uniforms if nothing else. Oops, did I say that out loud?

Dog Froguson @ 11/05/2002 12:36 PM CST

Yeah! I voted, now I'm gonna get a big bowl of popcorn and watch and see if everybody else voted right (i.e. like I did). It's kind of like watching them draw the winning lottery numbers. Did I win?!?!

michelle @ 11/05/2002 06:14 PM CST

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