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Joe Conason: A party that will not criticize the incumbent president cannot defeat him, now or two years from now. A party that has nothing to say about unfair tax breaks, a vanishing surplus and a looted economy cannot expect anyone to listen when it asks for votes. A party without passion or vision is hardly a political party at all.

I am disgusted with these spineless, useless bastards. It's time for Daschle and Gephardt to go. The Democratic Party should be led by people who aren't afraid to be Democrats.

Does America really want tax breaks for the rich, logging and oil drilling in national parks, repeal of the Clean Air Act, GOP Uterus Control*, Ashcrofts-under-the-beds, unilateral war on whomever for whatever reason, and a Supreme Court packed with Scalia clones? No?

* Thanks to Eschaton for that great phrase!

Replies: 4 Confessions

Yeah, what is it with the Democrats being afraid to say enough negative things about a President who has only gained popularity because of one catostrophic event. And if you really look into everything involved in the foregn-relations-nightmare that has been the War on Terror, he didn't even handle that right. I also find it telling that the GOP (Grand Oppressive Party) is so quick to cry "liberal media" nowadays when even the media has backed off on their Bush-bashing, to the point that most Americans are being fed the same pro-Bush pap that the Republicans say is missing.
I personally feel it is unfair to allow the President to be used by the GOP to further their agenda at election time. His appearances at fund-raisers and rallys across the country are to blame for the Republicans gaining control. If they were forced to actually face the Democrats and voice their issues fairly (rather than having a popular talking-head do it for them), I would hazard a guess that some of them would be tasting the agony of defeat today. How were some of the Democratic candidates supposed to compete with the President's endorsement of their opponents. I find it rather despicable and frightening that he literally told voters to send him "allies" in Washington, and they did just that without being able to see the real reasons he wants so many friends in a town where he was very quickly gathering enemies.
But at least the state of IL is in the hands of Democrats now. Let's just hope they really know what to do with it.
(Sorry for the length here. My soapbox has been put away now.)

Tim @ 11/06/2002 12:56 PM CST

I'm so sorry for you and your whole country. Here in germany I understand it that way that your democrats are missing some real leader-persons. Are there any soon to come or how come it is that way?

Moni @ 11/06/2002 01:43 PM CST

I'm sorry for my whole country, too, Moni!

Why is it that way? For a start, it's very difficult to criticize Bush post-Sept. 11 without being called anti-American or unpatriotic. So too many Democrats lack the guts to speak out. They also think playing it safe is the way to win elections. They found out yesterday that that's wrong. Maybe getting an old-fashioned beat-down will convince enough Democrats that it's OK to stand for something again, that years of shifting to the center to attract votes have ultimately left them marginalized, irrelevant and out of office.

Perhaps now is the time for me to start the splinter party I've always dreamed of -- the Ass-Kicking Liberals! Bleeding-hearted and proud of it!

amyc @ 11/06/2002 02:37 PM CST

Sign me up to help with that Ass-Kicking movement.
Not to pull the soapbox out again, but something I failed to mention in my long-winded post was the most unsettling part of this whole affair: we all helped pay to send Bush out to campaign for these wackos. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, your tax dollars at work. Being used to further repress freedom and fatten the already obese wallets of those who are causing it.

Tim @ 11/06/2002 04:34 PM CST

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