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I faxed this first thing this morning:

November 7, 2002

Senator Thomas Daschle
509 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-4103
Fax: 202-224-6603

Dear Senator Daschle,

I'm sorry, but it's time for you to go.

The American people and the Democratic Party deserve a Senate leader who can actually lead. We deserve a Democrat who is not afraid to be a Democrat.

Your first priority in this election should have been the good of your country and your party, not your putative Presidential campaign. You have failed us utterly, and that failure delivered every branch of government to the party of greed, war and environmental disaster. The next two years are going to be hell for America and the rest of the world. I have no confidence that your signature brand of spineless, Bush-snuggling anti-leadership will help save us in 2004, if ever.

If you had any honor, you would admit your failure and resign your position as Senate MINORITY Leader. But you have proven yourself completely devoid of honor, so I will write to my Senator (the very Honorable Richard Durbin) and other worthy Democrats in hopes of removing you from your position before you do any more damage to this nation with your craven self-interest.

Goodbye and good riddance.

With extreme sincerity and rage,

Amy Carlton

Replies: 3 Confessions

P.S. You're long overdue for your hour of castration.

jima @ 11/07/2002 10:06 AM CST

I knew I forgot something! He's a suit-wearing puppet-man!

amyc @ 11/07/2002 10:20 AM CST

AND an overeducated shithead.

elavil @ 11/07/2002 06:16 PM CST

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