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Sister's Magic Mailbag is overflowing with missives from adoring fans. "Bill" writes:

I want to thank you for posting pictures of the Virgin Mary Shrine/Dildo that I was forced to sell back in 1965/66 to raise money for St. Mary's of the Lake Catholic grade school in White Bear Lake, Minnesota (a northern
suburb of St. Paul.)  I had one of the damn things on my headboard for years, completely clueless about its amusement value.

Can you imagine, gentle readers? Dag, my Catholic school fundraising activities were limited almost exclusively to candy bars.

Alert reader "Doug" has this fun suggestion:

I check your site a few days a week, hoping for a little inspiration as a liberal in the hinterlands.  Sometimes I get it, sometimes I get Tim. That's all well and good but what really keeps me coming back is a little game I like to call "Catch the Nun." Something about the way she flaps her mouth open and shut so fast just haunts me. You can't really see what she looks like with her mouth open. One day I discovered that if you click the "Stop" button on your browser you can stop the mouth from opening and closing. The trick is to click "Stop" at just the right moment so you catch her with her mouth open. Then you can have a good look at what was merely fleeting. Sometimes I'll have to go "Stop," "Refresh," "Stop," "Refresh," many times before I catch her. It's harder than it sounds. It's a real thrill when I catch her on the first try.

Maybe you'd like to play "Catch the Nun."  Give it a whirl!


And speaking of letters, Neal Pollack printed my dream about Orwell. He did not, however, answer my questions. Alas.

Replies: 3 Confessions

Of course, no one can really "Catch the Nun". She is mischievous and capricious, and floats on the wind. She darts! She leaps! She slyly turns away, leaving you grasping at air.

jima @ 11/12/2002 09:37 PM CST

Your dream was dreamt a night too late. Apparently Neal is so despondent over Hitchens leaving The Nation that he has dumped Orwell as a topic and is now only answering questions about the Avril-Lavigne-as-punk-rocker controversy. Neal even seems to have readers who know who she is.

matthew @ 11/13/2002 05:29 PM CST

I caught her! I caught her! Doug's so smart.

But can you really tell what anyone truly looks like with their mouth open? Naw, I guess that's the ONLY time you get to find out what they're really like?

Charlie @ 11/13/2002 06:44 PM CST

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