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Spent two hours last night at Chicago Emergency Veterinary Services. Here's the exciting story (warning: icky):

After dinner, Henry started retching and throwing up foam. Her belly was tight, she was panting and whining and obviously in pain. The vet, over the phone, asked about bloat, asked about poison, asked about anything she could have gotten into. I had no explanation. He said to wait an hour and see, but ten minutes later I freaked out and drove her to the emergency clinic.

She puked in the car. She puked in the lobby. The vet felt her belly as she trembled and cried. There were x-rays. Two pounds of food packed into a stomach as big as a canteloupe. "Did you go a little crazy feeding her tonight?" No. She gets less than a cup of food per day. She got less than half a cup at dinner.

Jim and I paced the waiting room. The pantry door was closed when I got home from work. The bathroom door, the bedroom door -- everything closed, no trash cans raided, no cat food stolen. Where did all that fucking food come from?

The vets put medicine in her eyes to make her vomit more. One vet brought out a plastic trash can lid filled with Henry's, uh...produce...for us to inspect. Semi-digested food. Various juices and froths. Plastic mouse parts. The plastic mouse parts -- a newly acquired taste after ignoring the cat toys for two years -- had lodged themselves into her pyloric sphincter, preventing the last two or three days' worth of food from leaving her stomach and making its happy journey to small-intestine-land. She could have died.

She didn't. She's fine now. She's resting by my feet and can eat only rice and boiled chicken while she recovers. We have several frightening x-rays and 400 fewer dollars in the bank. We have a healthy dog. We have no more plastic mice.

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oh, thank goodness. Poor Henry!

Shylo! @ 11/14/2002 11:50 AM CST

oh poor sweet henry! I hope she recovers quickly and amends her plastic eating ways!

shechemist @ 11/14/2002 12:46 PM CST

Wow! As the founding member, please let me welcome you to the "boy, my car smells like dog vomit" club! (your free bone shaped car freshener will be arriving shortly in the mail)

I am glad to hear that Henry is doing better. Sick puppies are no fun...

michelle @ 11/14/2002 06:18 PM CST

Ouch is an understatement. Ouch! Get well, Henry.

Charlie @ 11/14/2002 06:18 PM CST

Thanks for the good wishes, all. Henrelina is doing just fine. She seems not to remember anything about last night, and she spent the day napping pleasantly.

amyc @ 11/14/2002 06:47 PM CST

very glad to hear Henry is OK.
Give the ole girl a little scratch behind the ears from me, would ya?

Can I suggest felted toys for Ouida? They are just as fun and because they are made of felt they are reasonably soft and shouldn't hurt puppy tummies. (I can pass along how to make your own if ya want, just email me)

the other amy @ 11/15/2002 02:25 PM CST

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