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(*Spoken like a sideshow barker*)
Behold the awesome wonder of the Babbling Buffoon. You'll be amazed at his illiterate wordplay and stubborn point-of-view. Will he admit his shortcomings? You wish. Will he calm himself the fuck down? Not even for a barrel of oil. There's no need for him to explain himself, he's above such trivial matters. Yes, my friends, you will stand dumbfounded at his complete disregard for ethics and the English language. But remember, he's a wealthy, white Christian, so he's allowed to do whatever he wants.

Tim @ 11/20/2002 01:10 PM CST

Why is this man still President? If I started talking like that in public, I'd be locked in a rubber room somewhere.

jima @ 11/20/2002 01:22 PM CST

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