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Eating: whole-grain bagel (toasted), soy-nut butter.
Drinking: Prince of Wales tea with sugar.
Itching: Back of head, behind right ear, left forearm.
Cursing: Stupid dry-skin weather.
Song stuck in head: "Father Christmas." It's day 4 for this particular ditty. I know not how it got there. I would like it to leave.
Debating: Whether or not to go to this tonight. It sounds like good, clean fun!

How's by you?

Replies: 11 Confessions

Hey, I think it's safe to say that The Ingenue and I would happily accompany you to this naughty nekkid lady show. So you wanna?

Phineas @ 11/22/2002 10:08 AM CST

Yeah! Come with!

amyc @ 11/22/2002 10:09 AM CST

Oh, yes. I was totally jazzed to go to this. We are very down.

Shylo! @ 11/22/2002 11:59 AM CST

Oh crap.

Now I've got that stupid song stuck in head....

tbogg @ 11/22/2002 01:40 PM CST

And, strangely enough, it's gone from mine! Thanks for taking one for the team, tbogg!

amyc @ 11/22/2002 01:57 PM CST

It's a small world after's a small word after's a small, small world. It's a world of..........


Tag. You're it!

tbogg @ 11/22/2002 02:38 PM CST

Kerry and I went to see Sweeney Todd yesterday. Memo to Phineas: You should definitely go. In the meantime, what is stuck in MY head is "the demon barber of fleeT sTreeT." That chorus can really hit its consonants.
PS In case I haven't mentioned it before, you should go see this. Bryn Tyrfel rocks 2x, of course, but the real star of this piece is the guy who sings Judge Turpin.

elavil @ 11/22/2002 03:08 PM CST

Thanks. Now what's stuck in my head is that silly pause between Fleet and Street. Thanks, Elavil and thanks Stephen Sondheim!

Shylo @ 11/22/2002 04:40 PM CST

Try the priest.

elavil @ 11/22/2002 05:13 PM CST

won't you?

amyc @ 02/14/2003 02:01 PM CST

won't you?

amyc @ 02/14/2003 02:02 PM CST

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